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Stormy Aber

Monotony makes the day grow longer…

Whilst procrastinating, (I have a good 8000 plus words to compile for next week) I came across the question: Would you rather have sex with four Victoria Secret models and have nobody know about? or Would you rather spend the night chatting with four Victoria Secret models and have the whole world think you had mind-blowing earth shattering sex with each of them?

Now I exaggerate the second question for the sake of optimism but the premise stays the same. Were I a single man, my mind would have been made up on the first of the ‘rather’s’ based on the eleventh and lesser recited commandment, “Should he be presented with opportunity to make sex with somebody society deems a solid ten, he should not falter nor should he boast.*” 

However that asterisk denotes the monogamy clause for which I am, (through no fault of my own) currently subscribed. Henceforth, my answer to this question shall be threefold…

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Salt Pub Quiz Champions. (#gregsacnut) (at Salt)

Salt Pub Quiz Champions. (#gregsacnut) (at Salt)

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